Best MCA Call Center MCA Leads Gateway
Best MCA Call Center MCA Leads Gateway

How an MCA Call Center Can Boost Your MCA Marketing in 2021 (2 min Read)

MCA call center can be a great way to generate your business loan leads. From the very beginning of the merchant cash advance industry, the industry is facing leads generation issues. The business funding companies tried different methods at different times to generate cash advance leads. After trying a lot of methods, the MCA marketing specialist has arrived at a decision that “MCA Live Transfer” is the best way for selling business cash advance. A reputed and professional call center can help you to generate the best mca leads. The call centers that generate mca leads are called MCA call centers.

Best MCA Call Center MCA Leads Gateway
Best MCA Call Center MCA Leads Gateway

What is an MCA Call Center?

The call center which is 100% dedicated to generating mca live transfer is called mca call center. There are various ways & methods to generate leads for an MCA campaign. Recently there are few call centers or telemarketing companies that are only for mca leads generation services. Those call centers are known as MCA call centers.

How does a Call Center work to Generate Business Loan Leads?

A call center is a place where the telemarketing agents work to generate leads or providing customer support. In an MCA call center, there are two ways to generate leads for business loan marketing.

1. MCA Appointment Setting Leads Generation
2. MCA Live Transfer Leads


call center type
Call center type

MCA Appointment Setting Leads Generation

In this leads generation method, A telemarketing agent does cold calling to various businesses and offers them business cash advance. If a business owner is interested in a business loan, the agent collects his information and sets an appointment for him with a business funding company. This is how appointment-setting leads are generated.

Advantages of MCA Appointment Setting Leads:


  • Get the buyer persona
  • Better result
  • Get accurate data and information
  • Pre-qualified MCA Leads
  • Can follow up several times
  • Save the finder’s time
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to track

What is MCA Live Transfer Leads Generation?

The live transfer is the most popular form of telemarketing leads generation in the merchant cash advance industry. In the live transfer leas generation method, the leads are generated by 4 consequence steps.


process at mca call center
process at mca call center

1. Outreach the business owner and offer him a business loan
2. If the business owner is interested in the loan, The agent will ask him some questions (The qualifying criteria can be set by the business funding company ) to qualify him for the business loan.
3. If the business owner is qualified for a business loan, The telemarketing agent will transfer the call to the funding company’s closer.
4. At this step the funding company’s closer and the business owner will clarify the pact. In the ending, they will finalize the deal.

Benefits of Live Transfer Leads from MCA Call Center

  1. Leads’ price are cost-effective
  2. High conversion ratio
  3. Speak to the business owners only
  4. Get leads during the banking hours only
  5. Leads are fresh and live
  6. 100% exclusive leads
  7. DNC Compliance

Where to Find the Best MCA Call Center in the World?

There are a lot call centers that generate appointment setting mca leads or live transfer mca leads. But there are very rare to find out a 100% dedicated mca call center in the industry. MCA Leads Gateway (MLG) is such a telemarketing company/call center that is completely for MCA Marketing. MLG provides live transfer, appointment setting and golden call back leads generation services for the business funding companies.

Why You Should Choose MCA Leads Gateway for MCA Leads Generation Services?

MCA Leads gateway is the #1 call center for providing the best business loan leads generation services. You will get great telemarketing services from MLG. We are willing to providing the best mca leads for sale.

Benefits of Hiring MCA Leads Gateway

We are an experienced, reliable & Professional leads generation company from NY. We have been doing leads generation jobs for the last few years. If you hire MCA Leads Gateway to execute your mca leads generation jobs. We generate both appointment setting and live transfer leads generation. Here are the detailed benefits you will get from our organization.

1. Reduce the Cost: Our live transfer & appointment setting leads generation both are very cost-effective for loan leads generation.
2. Get Qualified Leads: You will get all pre-qualified MCA appointment setting leads generation from us.
3. Exclusive Leads: You will get the most exclusive cash advance leads from us.

Why to buy mca leads from Mca leads gateway
Why to buy mca leads from Mca leads gateway

4. Get Leads on Banking Hours: You will get all the live transfer leads during the banking hours only.
5. Expert Agents: All the telemarketing agents who work here are highly expert agents.
6. No Need to Pay for Bad Leads: We don’t charge for the bad MCA leads, if we provide any bad mca leads by mistake, We will not make any payments for those leads.
7. Professional Team & Management: The management and all the employees working in MLG are highly professional and hard working.


If you are looking forward to getting more loan sales, you should hire a call center that is 100% dedicated to MCA Marketing. MCA Leads Gateway is the best MCA Call center in the world. We will generate appointment setting and live transfer leads.

So, Buy MCA leads from us and boost your funding business!

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